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Ermias Legesse: A Controversial Ethiopian Politician and Writer

Ermias Legesse: A Controversial Ethiopian Politician and Writer

Ermias Legesse Wakjira is an Ethiopian politician, journalist and writer who has been living in exile in the United States since 2014. He is known for his outspoken criticism of the Ethiopian government and his advocacy for the Oromo people, the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia.

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Ermias was born in 1978 in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. He studied journalism at Addis Ababa University and worked as a reporter and editor for various newspapers and magazines. He joined the ruling Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) in 2005 and became a deputy minister of communication affairs in 2010.

However, he resigned from his position in 2014 and fled to the United States, claiming that he was persecuted by the government for exposing corruption and human rights violations. He also accused the EPRDF of marginalizing the Oromo people and suppressing their cultural and political rights.

In 2015, he published a book titled "Yemeles Leqaqit" (The Lies of Meles), which criticized the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and his legacy. The book was banned in Ethiopia and Ermias was charged with terrorism and treason by the Ethiopian authorities.

In 2018, he published another book titled "Oromuma" (Oromoness), which celebrated the Oromo culture and history and called for a federal system that respects the diversity of Ethiopia. The book was also banned in Ethiopia and Ermias faced more legal threats from the government.

Ermias has been a vocal supporter of the Oromo protests that erupted in 2015 and 2016 against the government's plan to expand Addis Ababa into Oromo lands. He has also been a frequent guest on various media outlets, such as Al Jazeera, BBC and Voice of America, where he expresses his views on Ethiopian politics and society.

Ermias is currently residing in Silver Spring, Maryland, where he continues to write and speak about Ethiopia. He is married and has two children.

Ermias has also been involved in some controversies and criticisms from different quarters. Some of his former colleagues and opponents have accused him of being dishonest, opportunistic and divisive. They have also questioned his credibility and motives for leaving the government and writing his books.

Some of his critics include Bereket Simon, a former senior adviser to Meles Zenawi, who wrote a book titled "The Lies of Ermias Legesse" in 2016, which refuted Ermias's claims and allegations. Another critic is Jawar Mohammed, a prominent Oromo activist and politician, who accused Ermias of being a "traitor" and a "liar" in a heated debate on Al Jazeera in 2018.

Ermias has defended himself against these criticisms and maintained that he is telling the truth and fighting for justice and democracy in Ethiopia. He has also said that he is willing to face trial in Ethiopia if he is guaranteed a fair and independent judiciary.

Ermias has also given several interviews to various media outlets, where he has shared his views and insights on the current situation in Ethiopia. He has commented on the political reforms initiated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the ethnic conflicts and violence that have erupted in different regions, the role of foreign powers and regional actors in Ethiopia's affairs, and the prospects for peace and stability in the country. e0e6b7cb5c


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