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Free _HOT_ Cubase 7 Activation Code

I bought Cubase 6 from a guy who said it was unused. just missing the dongle. Which was fine because i already had one. Well when i went to install it, it said the activation code was already registered aka GOT SCAMMED!!! So how can i go about getting a new license for cubase 6. I dont want cubase 7. Not a fan of the mixer and alot of the changes made between 6 & 7. Any feedback is appreciated.

free cubase 7 activation code

No, the activation code puts a valid Cubase 7 license on your USB-key. This is not relevant to whichever version you have installed - as long as the license grants permission for the installed version. Which will be the case with a 7 license and a 6 installed. Just make sure your eLicenser software is current.

I purchased a copy of Cubase 7 from USA recently and came to discover that it was Country Specific activation code (Could only be activated in USA). I had to send it back etc , it was a nightmare / waste of time. 350c69d7ab


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