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Download Mediafire Link D.R. 2.4.2

Download File ->>>

Download Mediafire Link D.R. 2.4.2

In the near future, Cocos Creator will be released as an SDK module for Cocos Cloud. CCLaunchPanel has been listed onApp Managerfor Android. With CCLaunchPanel, you only need to create project files and download it and it will automatically detect and launch your project.

If you want to use Cocos Creator to develop cocos projects on iOS, you can download the cocos-creator module and use Cocos Creator for iOS and cocos-3d for iOS to develop projects based on Cocos Creator and Cocos 3D. You can also use Cocos SDK from Cocos Creator and Cocos 3D to develop iOS projects for Cocos SDK.

Cocos Creator v2.2.1 is dedicated to all the fans of Cocos creator, the most actively and popular game creation application in the world, to make the Cocos creator function better. The update introduces many new functions, such as the new creation interface, the new UI, and many specific features. Please download Coco Creator v2.2.1 and try it now.

F-GO! Sport is a team project of two students from Xiamen Tech University. It was the first indie game developed by the Xiamen Tech student team. This game was featured as the Mac App Store Winners in the Indie Game Playground on Aug. 15, 2017. This game can run on the iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X. The spirit and the design of the game are quite unique, and you can also download the game to play by yourself.

You can create a directory of your own, and add to it pictures, movies, music and other file types that you have the authorization to use. The data can be downloaded by various mobile device, and you can share with others at any time and any place. 3d9ccd7d82


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