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Civ 6 Trade Route Bug

Hello.I faced with horrible bug in Old World, all DLC and all updates. I have created a trade route between Island 1 and Island 2. But somehow my ship ignores Island 1 and goes straight to Harlow's Island. Also, some other NPC send their ships to Harlow and just waiting.

civ 6 trade route bug

Hey guys, thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about the issue you've been dealing with.As it stands, I can confirm that we have received similar reports from players, who since the latest patch, have been having difficulties with setting up trade routes with conquered islands, and it is under further investigation.Apologies about the inconvenience this may cause and appreciate you for bearing with us for the time being.If you do happen to run into any other problems in-game, let us know and we will gladly take a look.

It is not only about Oil trade routes. I had similar problem. Relocating the harbour help, but ship was going to nearly same position. It should be nice to get some feedback about bug resolving. The new DCL looks like alpha test to me.

Hello everyone, just a quick update, we have had reports of similar issues come through and we are investigating but the circumstance is very specific.At the moment one of our investigations are > taking over an AI island and starting a trade route on that island, the ships won't move along the trade route, but move to the edge of the map and stay thereCan you all confirm this is the exact issue you are having or are your circumstances slightly different?@chainsaw21 Your issues seem different in that you have not captured these islands, but are trying to trade with separate AI on a trade route that won't complete. Do you have an image of the trade route from the menu which you set up and are you able to send me your save file, or link me to it?

@ubi-milky Pretty sums up the issue, yeah. Saw this post days ago but wasn't planning on adding something.My issue:Bought Anno 1800 recently on Epic and after 25 hours of gameplay, I've conquered 5/6 AI islands to outsource resource production. With buildings being properly set, I've established a bunch of trade routes, and almost every single AI island with trade routes forced cargos and slippers to move to the edge of the map and stay there permanently. It happened regardless of the distance between islands. For instance, my main production island was just in front of my capital city, and the cargo went at the very bottom of the map almost like the island didn't exist at all.The unique islands that had working trade routes were the ones that I've colonized myself, that's for sure. I've reinstalled the game multiple times, played from another PC, and even tried playing with a cloud gaming solution like Geforce Now and it didn't solve anything at all. I tried as well moving the outpost and changing its position completely (north/south/east...) and it did the same.Some people suggested to just delete the outpost and colonize the island again - but I had so much stuff and consumer goods needed that I've decided to leave the game where it was and wait for a fix.Hope that helps!Side note: trade routes or charter routes don't change anything. Anything unrelated to trade/charter routes works, such as shared manpower for instance.

@ubi-milky Hi, thats exactly the issue I have in my game. Conquered an island from the AI,set up a trade route and the ship didn't follow the route but went to the bottom corner for the map and stayed there with the hourglass over it.

1. Can't create trade route with EuropeWhen you create a new trade route, your European port is not listed asa possible destination.The only way around this, other than to build a custom house, is tocreate a trade route by sea from your intended city to any other ofyour cities. Once you have created a trade route, you can edit it andreplace your second city with your European port.2. After automatic trade with Europe, the screen doesn't clear properly.When you complete an automatic trade with Europe, the screen behind themessage window isn't redrawn properly. Annoying but not fatal.3. Wagon train on a trade route won't unload cargo.This seems to happen if the cargo is embargoed at your European port.The only way around it is to unload the wagon train with the mouse.4. If using a mouse to give orders to a unit, the unit sometimes goesoff in a strange direction of its own will.Be careful when using drop down menu to give orders to a unit. If you clickor release LMB just slightly outside the drop down menu, your unit couldmove off in a strange direction. If you should change your mind about an order, move the mouse cursor to the top menu bar and release LMB.5. Tax rate disappears when game is saved/loaded.Sometimes if you load a saved game, the tax rate is reset to zero.Doesn't always happen. Shame :-)6. Units sometimes get stuck in a swamp.Sometimes a unit going to a destination will get stuck in a swamp.Is this a bug or bad navigation ! Only solution is to rescue the unitwith the mouse and then start it on its way again.7. Not all mouse drivers work with Colonization.Use MSD to check which DOS driver you have. Logitech users may need touse LMOUSE.COM. Microsoft drivers 6.94 and 10.00 do work. Vers 8.01 didnot work for me. Microprose recommend vers 8.20 or later. Haven't tried 9.01.Well, that's it from me. I haven't had problems with the game freezing butif you have or if you have other bugs, delete my sig and repost with yourbugs or fixes.-- Douglas Woods

When you have a filled out trade route to buy a planet and an eco-disaster starts, there will be no way to stop it other than to buy the system. This is frustrating as the disaster never stops and messages saying that a creature has become extinct will always pop up. This can be solved, in some cases, by waiting until the mission has timed out a few times, and then repopulating the planet with creatures from your Cargo Hold.

This glitch happens when you buy or capture a system and try to trade with your new colony. The prices will be the same as the previous owner's archetype and they will have the same stuff. This can be helpful as the prices are usually cheaper, but will sometimes lack certain items (ex. if the previous owner was a diplomat, the trading window will have no weapons.)

Sometimes, if the settings are incorrect on the game, the game will crash when the player tries just about any method of communication. Talking in the civilization stage does not always cause a crash, but does often produce odd lines that come off of most vehicles that the player made. The same story goes for empires warning that you are in a militarized zone (warriors, zealots), that the empire is glad to see you (traders, diplomats, bards), or is just offering you money, or asking for it.. While there is no known remedy to this, changing the screen from windowed to full screen reduces the frequency of the issue.

This glitch is extremely common and Spore and Spore GA have a 100% chance of encountering this glitch. If you have more saved games and one or more of them are in the space stage, playing on one and travelling to another one's place in the galaxy, you will be able to interact with them (trade, get missions) and their colonies. It will be the same with Creature stage games, just that your creature or other ones will not be visible and, once it is a saved game, you cannot interact with the solar system. Using this, you can customize your planet to start on on another game by finding a solar system with a T3 planet, a gas giant, and a planet identical to your home planet's system planet with the crashed spaceship. There might be additional planets.

I recently just discovered a glitch how you could trade with The Grox. I'm not sure if this works for you.. But it works for me.. so try it out! 1: Start a new space stage (this wont work after talking to an empire)2: complete the missions until you get to the one how you have to find an alien3: make your way near the grox WTIHOUT CONTACTING AN EMPIRE. THIS MEANS THAT THE FIRST EMPIRE YOU CONTACT MUST BE THE GROX. 4: After talking to them and when you completed your mission, feel free to ally with them until you become there friend.5: the trade tab should be open

Commercial Hubs are second only to Campuses, the reason is that it provides a trading route, wich coupled with Kublai Khan's Gereges grant Eurekas/Civic boosts once Trade Routes are completed. However, you should not rely only on Commercial Hubs for tech/civics development, as the boosts are totally random and some of them you would get anyways. Nevertheless, from my own experience playing Kublai Khan, I can say Gereges Eurekas/Civic boosts randomness helps more often than not.

The World Congress adds to diplomacyThe one new addition that breaks up the monotony is the World Congress. This is where you can propose global resolutions, such as a trade embargo against a rival civilization or city-state (which eliminates any existing connected trade routes), a ban on a luxury resource (which cuts off any happiness benefit), or a tax on military units (which increases maintenance costs). 076b4e4f54


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