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Temple Beth David To Install New rabbi

Has Temple beth david moved to a new location? if so where. about 30 years ago, i lectured and Exhibited my nationally noted judaic art. Is there a person that is in charge of programs with whom i can discuss a possible future return?

Temple Beth David to install new rabbi


In the time following the end of Rabbi Emeritus Zoob's thirty-six years of leadership at the temple, however, the process stalled with a new rabbi and interim rabbis. Ms. Kaminski points to the arrival of the temple's current co-rabbis, Rabbis Micah and Karen Citrin, as enabling the process to continue. The husband and wife co-rabbi team began their service at Temple Beth David in 2016. They are both certified educators and co-run the temple's K-12 and adult education programs. Their arrival began "four to five years of seriously trying to get into the weeds of getting this done." Ms. Kaminski described the early learning center as the result of a team effort by the temple community. 350c69d7ab


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