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Medieval: Defense & Conquest Mod APK - Train Your Army, Upgrade Your Equipment, and Expand Your Stronghold

You can download Medieval: Defense & Conquest is free on Android and deals with both military and economic affairs. Here you will develop your settlement, farm and make a profit from trade, the money you ea can be spent on improving your army and defense line. The strong walls of the castle can be additionally protected with the help of archers and ballistas, attack enemies and repel their attacks, train your army and develop a unique empire. As you progress through the game, the population will increase, which means you can expand the territory of your settlement, capture new locations, attack enemy outposts, defeat epic bosses and make your kingdom prosperous.

The game has two main aspects: defense and conquest. In defense mode, you will have to build defensive structures such as walls, turrets, archers, and other structures to stop the enemy attack. You need to build a solid defense and use resources intelligently to deal with increasingly powerful attacks.

download medieval defense and conquest mod apk

You are a mighty warlord who has landed upon the Unconquerable Islands, seeking to put that name to the test. To rise to this challenge, you must make strategic decisions, battle through hardened defense systems, and turn every castle and kingdom into a fresh conquest!

The castle capture in the Middle Age. Control your army of knights and conquest the kingdoms of your enemies. Stand buildings in fortresses, attack and defend your territory. Complete all war campaigns!16 languages available to choose from!In the Castle War strategy, you can:1. Manage an army to capture fortresses and territories.2. Use tactics and strategy.3. Build buildings in captured castles to improve performance.4. Use special tactical skills to defeat enemies.5. Accumulate and spend gold.6. Attack or defend.7. Castle raid enemy's.8. Build your medieval empire.Think over the strategy in each battle to win. By downloading this castle game you will get:1. 15 unique beautiful battle maps.2. Over 100 unique levels divided into war campaigns. Each campaign has its own story. Pass them all.3. Convenient control.4. Beautiful background music and much more.There are different game modes in this medieval castle capture and conquest game. Fight robbers, get gold in the mines and fight off the attack of a huge enemy horde. An amazing immersion into the Middle Age, the era of knights, fortresses and battles awaits you. Capture new territories, defeat enemies and defend castles.In each battle, special medieval skills are available to you:1. A trap for enemy soldiers.2. The siege of the enemy's castle.3. Destroy the building in the fortress.4. Plague in the city of your enemy.5. Instigate a peasant uprising to win the castle battle.You control squads of warrior knights who can move between your fortresses. Send a squad to the enemy to castle capture. Conquer the whole kingdom to win the castle war. Complete all campaigns and create a medieval empire.

Warlords Conquest: Enemy Lines is an exciting real-time strategy game developed by SimpleBit Studios that combines elements of tower defense and medieval warfare. With its simple and easy-to-play mechanics, players can gather unique combinations of units across their lanes and try different creative strategies to win battles. In this article, we provide you with the MOD APK file of the game for free. Join us to find it out right now!


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