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Rezo Frolov
Rezo Frolov

[S20E14] What The Hell Two Young Guns Shoot It Out

Carisi: Are you telling me you don't care what happens up there? You know, I could lie. I could say yes, she told me she planned to kill Thomas for the last six months. If I do that, she's done. Or I could say I don't recall.Rollins: Or, door number 3. You could tell the truth.Carisi: All I'm saying, is it's a hell of a lot of power, and who the hell are we?

[S20E14] What the Hell Two Young Guns Shoot it Out

Olivia Benson: She didn't have to. You have no idea what utter terror is. What pure and utter terror is. You know, they say that your heart beats faster, but that's not true. It doesn't. It stops. Everything stops. You don't breathe because you're scared that it might upset him. And if you get a cramp in your foot, you tell yourself, "Just let it throb" because you'll live through that pain. And that's a hell of a lot better than what what he'll do to you. And the pain is is so complete and it's so it's so overwhelming. You can go without food for... for three days and you don't close your eyes because you... because you're scared that you'll never open them again. You pray. You pray "Please, God "don't let him climb on top of me again." 041b061a72


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