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How to Download PC Chess and Improve Your Skills with Lessons and Puzzles

SparkChess is an excellent way to get better at chess - learn the proper rules (including the elusive en-passant), practice openings, test strategies, use the board editor to recreate famous positions with FEN strings, replay famous games, import/export PGN games and databases (with comments and annotations) and let the computer help you. With 5 levels of difficulty and a behavior modeled to make human mistakes, this is a very fun game to play. Our online chess game also features an opening database created by analysing 145,000 games from international tournaments. There are 4 different board styles (a 2D diagram, two fixed 3D designs and a 3D rotatable board) to suit any style - from the playful kid to the serious tournament player.

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SparkChess has won many awards and it was featured by Google, Blackberry and Adobe for its cross-platform capabilities. You can download SparkChess for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets.

Full-ride scholarships cover four years of college expenses, including tuition, fees, books, housing, and meals. Several U.S. universities offer full-ride college chess scholarships. While players with FIDE titles are most likely to be awarded full-ride college chess scholarships, players with ratings as low as 2300 US Chess have been awarded these scholarships. More ?

This page hosts the download links for the Deep Junior UCI series. We hope to update it periodically as new updates become available. You will need a license key to unlock the full capabilities of the Deep Junior UCI chess engine.

ChessBase Reader 2017. The new ChessBase Reader conveniently displays all installed databases and training titles - with a modern menu ribbon look. With the free ChessBase reader, you can open all standard file formats (.cbh, .cbf, .pgn), play through games on a stunningly rendered board, watch ChessBase training videos and much more. Download it for free now! Free download available here.

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Shane's Chess Information Database is a powerful Chess Toolkit, withwhich one can create huge databases, run chess engines, and playcasual games against the computer or online with the Free Internet ChessServer. It was originally written by Shane Hudson , and has received strongcontribution from Pascal Georges and others.

  • New and Improved Features include Overhauled and customizable interface.

  • Engine versus engine computer tournaments.

  • Extra search features, including move, end-of-game, and stalemate/checkmate searches.

  • Drag+Drop file opens for Windows and Linux.

  • Rewritten Gamelist widget with convenient context menus and buttons, and integrated Database Switcher.

  • Improved Computer Game and FICS features, including premove, and simultaneous observed games.

  • Many chess engine improvements, including max-ply option, an unlimited number of engines running, and the function hot-keys can be explicitly set.

  • New EPD search and analyze features.

  • Tri-coloured Tree bar-graphs, and options for more or less statistics.

  • Ratings Graph can show multiple players, and Score graph is an attractive bar graph.

  • Improved Book windows, including book compare, and remove move features.

  • Redone Button and Tool bars.

  • The Chessboard/Pieces config widget has been overhauled, and includes support for custom tilesand pieces.

  • Browse multiple games.

  • Recent Game and Player-info histories.

  • Bug tested Undo and Redo features.

  • The Help index is meaningful to new users, with links to the game's main features.

  • Clickable Variation Arrows, and Paste Variation feature.

  • A user friendly Annotation feature, with search-to-depth feature.

  • Better support for UTF and Latin character sets in PGN export/imports.

  • Improved and more powerful Tree Mask feature.

  • Chess variants are unsupported except for Chess960/Fischer Chess - which is supported by a source-code patch.

Extra chess pieces (such as Berlin) are now enabled by default for Wish 8.6, but 8.5 requires installing TkImg. Sound support requires Snack.If your distro does not provide these packages ("tkimg", "tcl-snack"), you can install from source using these links (both of which have fixes applied).TkImg,Snack.

The configuration files, including the chess engine list, are storedin the Scid-vs-PC\bin\config directory, and may be copied over fromold versions to make upgrading easier. If the app is installed in "Program Files" On Windows 7, the config files are mirrored inC:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Scid vs PC

The monkey on my back has really been having a good time. This release includes changes to the Gameinfo, Comment Editor, and Board Style widgets, some new chess pieces, colour schemes and tiles. Thanks to Michal and Alex for feedback.

  • Openseal is an open source version of FICS Timeseal. It needs some rewriting to work with Scid, though it is a small program.

  • FICS could be adapted to work with the ICC. The work involves analysing the differences in the strings used by the two programs. (for example, for FICS we have this line to ackowledge successful log-in if string match "*Starting FICS session*" $line] { The two servers do have many similarities i think, and examining xboard's "backend.c" (or some other client) for "FICS" particularities

  • Translation updates

  • The TCL sound package, Snack, needs a maintainer.

  • There are two engine types - UCI and XBoard. Pascal's UCI code is in some ways inferior to Shane's Xboard code. Though this is mostly mitigated by the speed of modern processors, it'd be nice to make use of the UCI ponder feature in analysis mode (Comp mode already does so).

  • Verify/update the Novag Citrine drivers and interface, and Correspondence / XFCC feature. Our Windows port needs a little overhaul to properly use Users home directory to store all the various data. I will get around to doing it one day though.

  • A lot of people use chessbase books (.ctg). Scid can only readpolyglot opening books, but inlining Scidb's support for ctgmay not be too hard.

Two new versions of Scid appeared around 2006. The first was ChessDBauthored by Dr. David Kirby. With some good documentation andthe ability to automatically download games fromseveral web portals, it became popular. But at the same time Pascal Georges from Francewas making strong technical improvements to Scid. Frustrated with Scid's dormancy,and because of disagreements with ChessDB's author, Pascal released his own tree, Scid-pg, whichincluded UCI support and numerous Player versus Computer features.

Another huge project, now without a maintainer, is Scidb by Gregor Cramer fromGermany. It is an ambitious chess database program inspired by Scid, with heavyutilization of C++ classes and customized Tk widgets. It also supportsChessbase databases and many chess variants.

  • Game move/reorder feature -From the gamelist context menu it is possible to move single games to any position in the DB. Seems robust, but please backup DBs. Short 'moves' only require a few si4 writes, longer ones basically rewrite the entire si4 file, and if interupted DB will be broken.

  • Browse multiple games feature - please read help topic.

  • Player Ratings graph can now (optionally) use the ratings history in the spelling "ratings.ssp" file.

  • New Online tablebase lookups by Michael Brown (lokasoft bases are gone), and other minor tablebase window tweaks.

  • PGN Window has a new 'Delete Comment' context menu.

  • MS Windows bugfix - can now have sg4 files larger than 2gb.

  • Allow for globbing/wildcard matches in the Name Editor date fields.

  • Time graph: when we are calulating movetimes from %clk, allow for a TimeControl tag.

  • Give the comment editor some decent colours, and increase board size.

  • Player vs UCI Game - nodes do not have to be in 1000s (helpful for some new chess engines).

  • Tree mask/cache - change 'fill with base' to 'fill with filter', speed up mask fill, and fix up the progress window..

  • Don't auto-focus text widget in comment editor as there may be timing related side effects.

  • New treeviewFont.diff patch which allows the gamelist font to be configured (system Small font).

  • Nicer board arrows.

  • Ensure Stockfish w/d/l percentiles total 100 - author Michael.

  • Better allign the UCI config window widgets - author Aditya.

  • Epd load random position (Control-?).

  • Scid vs. PC 4.21Gamelist (and Best Games) can now show 'Next Moves' instead of just the 'Opening Moves' if the tree is open and adjusting filter.

  • Text foreground colour option for listboxes and text windows. (and remove the 'global' colour option which is too rough).

  • Fics: allow moves made by examiners to be seen by other examiners/observers, and fix longstanding init fail.

  • Mac: 64 bit macOS port. Poor performance but mostly working.Engines

  • Allow multiple engine logs at once, which can be nicely updated in real-time (and bind 'space' to engine stop/start).

  • Small engine boards now have an alternative display mode: Arrow shows best move.

  • Free up right-click for windows 'copy text'. (Use middle click instead for toggling analysis modes).

  • Can now always show 'Infos' via an option in the main Engine config widget.

  • Low level support for alternative "GO" modes for UCI engines. (::uci::goCommand).

  • Give transient engine popup buttons the same bindings as their originals.EPD Window

  • New annotaion/analyze features (UCI only): Count best moves and (optionally) show/store results. Allow selecting the engine.

  • New 'find' entrybox searches EPD file for matching text.

  • Basic EPD/FEN export feature.

  • Menu rearranges, including enabling more translations, and changing menubuttons to standard menu widgets.

  • Paste analysis now removes previous analysis opcodes.

  • Bind space in listbox to start/stop engine.Minor

  • Tree window - options to hide buttonbar, and always 'Adjust' filter.

  • Display a board in the Player Report (if applicable).

  • Full German help update from Christian.

  • Improve Gamelist 'see' issues.

  • Brazil-Portuguese language update from Gilberto de Almeida Peres.

  • Opening Books - don't clobber existing game mainline with book import (was 'export'). Unneeded 'update -pgn' was slowing everything down too.

  • Refresh score graph at end of fics game.

  • Pressing End key twice always goes to game end.

  • Show Tux in the comment editor, and update the gifs.

  • Update chess 960 patch.

  • New flip board button.

  • scidt reverse sort feature. Also - don't accept empty sort criteria, and accept 'si4' filenames.

  • Don't ask to 'Save Game' if the game length is zero, and try to stop ECO window clobbering (any) game changes (New 'sc_game info halfmoves' command).Bugfixes

  • PGN - Properly handle all level of var indentation.

  • Windows: Fix extra text in the Player Info windows.

  • Fix Tree cache getting saved with app close.


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