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Aescripts Arabic Text C4d Plugins Free Download Extra Quality

How to Enter Arabic Text in Cinema 4D with Aescripts ArabicText C4D Plugin

If you work with Arabic or Farsi text in Cinema 4D, you may have encountered some difficulties in entering and displaying the text correctly. Arabic and Farsi are right-to-left languages, which means that they flow from right to left on the screen, unlike English which flows from left to right. Moreover, Arabic and Farsi have complex rules for connecting and shaping the letters depending on their position in the word and sentence.

aescripts arabic text c4d plugins free download

Cinema 4D does not support right-to-left text input natively, so if you try to enter Arabic or Farsi text directly into Cinema 4D, you will end up with reversed and disconnected letters that do not make sense. You may have tried to use some online tools or scripts to reverse the text and fix the letterforms, but they are not always reliable or accurate.

Fortunately, there is a plugin that can solve this problem for you: Aescripts ArabicText C4D. This plugin allows you to enter Arabic or Farsi text from right to left with proper medial letterforms directly into Cinema 4D as a text object or vector. You can also adjust the font, size, alignment, kerning, tracking, and other parameters of the text as you normally would in Cinema 4D.

Aescripts ArabicText C4D is compatible with Cinema 4D R16 and above, and it works with both Mac and Windows systems. You can buy it from for $44.99[^1^], or you can name your own price if you want to support the developer. You can also download a free trial version to test it out before buying.

To use Aescripts ArabicText C4D, you need to install it in your Cinema 4D plugins folder and restart Cinema 4D. Then, you can access it from the Plugins menu or from a custom toolbar button. You will see a simple user interface where you can enter your Arabic or Farsi text in a text box. The plugin will automatically convert the text into a right-to-left format with correct letterforms and display it in the viewport. You can then create a text object or a vector object from the plugin window and edit it further in Cinema 4D.

Aescripts ArabicText C4D is a handy plugin that can save you a lot of time and hassle when working with Arabic or Farsi text in Cinema 4D. It is easy to use and produces accurate and professional results. If you need to enter Arabic or Farsi text in Cinema 4D, you should definitely give it a try.

Some of the benefits of using Aescripts ArabicText C4D plugin are:

  • It saves you time and effort by eliminating the need to use external tools or websites to enter and format Arabic or Farsi text in Cinema 4D.

  • It ensures accuracy and quality by preserving the correct letterforms and direction of the text, as well as the punctuation and diacritics.

  • It gives you flexibility and creativity by allowing you to use any font that supports Arabic or Farsi characters, and by enabling you to apply any animation or effect to the text object or vector object.

  • It supports both Mac and Windows systems, and it is compatible with Cinema 4D R16 and above.

Aescripts ArabicText C4D plugin is not the only plugin that can help you with Arabic or Farsi text in Cinema 4D. There are other plugins that offer similar or different features, such as zArabic[^2^], which can also copy the translated text to other software like Photoshop or After Effects, or Arabic Text Reverser[^3^], which can reverse the text without changing the letterforms. You can compare and choose the plugin that suits your needs and preferences best.

However, Aescripts ArabicText C4D plugin is one of the most popular and trusted plugins for entering Arabic or Farsi text in Cinema 4D. It has been used by many professionals and hobbyists alike, and it has received positive feedback and reviews from its users. It is also updated regularly to fix any bugs and improve its performance. If you want a reliable and easy-to-use plugin that can handle Arabic or Farsi text in Cinema 4D, you should definitely check out Aescripts ArabicText C4D plugin. c481cea774


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