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Examen Psicometrico Laboral Pdf Free

Examen Psicometrico Laboral: What It Is and How to Prepare for It (Free PDF)

If you are looking for a job in a competitive field, you may have to take an examen psicometrico laboral, or a psychometric test for work. This is a type of psychological assessment that measures your abilities, skills, personality, and aptitudes for a specific position. The examen psicometrico laboral can help employers to select the best candidates, as well as to identify areas of improvement for their employees.

Examen Psicometrico Laboral Pdf Free

But what exactly is an examen psicometrico laboral, and how can you prepare for it? In this article, we will answer these questions and provide you with a free PDF guide that will help you ace this test.

What is an examen psicometrico laboral?

An examen psicometrico laboral is a set of standardized tests that evaluate different aspects of your psychological profile, such as:

  • Intelligence: This measures your general cognitive abilities, such as reasoning, logic, memory, and problem-solving.

  • Aptitudes: This measures your specific skills and talents for a certain task or domain, such as numerical, verbal, spatial, or mechanical reasoning.

  • Personality: This measures your traits, preferences, motivations, and values that influence your behavior and performance at work.

  • Interests: This measures your likes and dislikes regarding different activities, topics, and occupations.

The examen psicometrico laboral can be administered online or on paper, and it can consist of multiple-choice questions, true-false statements, rating scales, or open-ended questions. The duration and difficulty of the test depend on the type and number of tests included, as well as on the level and requirements of the job.

How to prepare for an examen psicometrico laboral?

Preparing for an examen psicometrico laboral can be challenging, especially if you are not familiar with the format and content of the test. However, there are some tips and strategies that can help you improve your chances of success:

  • Research: Find out as much as you can about the examen psicometrico laboral that you will have to take. What are the types and names of the tests? How long will they last? What are the topics and skills that they cover? What are the expectations and criteria of the employer?

  • Practice: The best way to prepare for an examen psicometrico laboral is to practice with similar tests. This will help you familiarize yourself with the format and content of the test, as well as to improve your speed and accuracy. You can find many free online resources that offer practice tests for different domains and levels.

  • Review: Before taking the examen psicometrico laboral, review your strengths and weaknesses in each area that will be assessed. Focus on improving your weak points and reinforcing your strong points. You can also review some basic concepts and formulas that may be useful for the test.

  • Relax: On the day of the examen psicometrico laboral, try to be calm and confident. Avoid stress and anxiety that may affect your performance. Make sure you have enough sleep, eat well, and drink water. Arrive early to the test site and follow the instructions carefully. Don't rush or panic during the test. Check your answers before submitting them.

Free PDF guide for an examen psicometrico laboral

If you want to have more information and practice for an examen psicometrico laboral, we have a free PDF guide for you. This guide contains:

  • A detailed explanation of each type of test that may be included in an examen psicometrico laboral.

  • A sample test for each type of test with answers and explanations.

  • Tips and strategies for each type of test.

A list of online resources where you can find more practice tests. c481cea774


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