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Nature & All its Benefits!!

Children thrive on experiences whenever they are provided....

They explore, examine and experience things at a level most adults have shut down

They research and take risks to foster or attempt a new or developing skill

Nature is our purest connection with our planet and environment

IMAGINE if we could see what a child sees?

Experiencing natures beauty, versatility and life, always changing and adapting, as a canvas full of opportunity that supports all aspects of a child's development

The educators as co-researchers alongside children at Freight House Early Learning & Care Inc. share a passion for children developing a healthy engaged learning relationship with the outdoors.

Together as educators we are in the process of developing a team vision that supports learning in nature, we will share it as a evolving document that guides our educating

This BLOG SPACE will be dedicated to posts by educators sharing their research with children as they are experiencing and learning.



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