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Download Mohombi In Your Head Zippy

Download Mohombi - In Your Head (Zippy Remix) MP3

If you are looking for a catchy and upbeat song to add to your playlist, you might want to check out Mohombi's hit single "In Your Head". The song was released in 2011 and became a worldwide success, reaching the top 10 in several countries. The song is a cover of The Cranberries' classic "Zombie", but with a modern twist and a dancehall vibe.

download mohombi in your head zippy

Mohombi is a Swedish-Congolese singer, songwriter and dancer who rose to fame as part of the musical duo Avalon. He later pursued a solo career and collaborated with artists like Pitbull, Akon, Nayer and Shaggy. His music is influenced by his African roots and his love for reggae, R&B and pop.

One of the best versions of "In Your Head" is the Zippy Remix, which adds more energy and excitement to the original track. Zippy is a Romanian DJ and producer who specializes in electro house and dance music. He has remixed songs by artists like Rihanna, Flo Rida, David Guetta and more.

You can download Mohombi - In Your Head (Zippy Remix) MP3 from various online sources, such as YouTube, Shazam or Qobuz. You can also stream it on Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer. Here are some links to help you find the song:

  • Mohombi - In Your Head - YouTube

  • In Your Head - Mohombi Shazam

  • In Your Head, Mohombi - Qobuz

Enjoy listening to Mohombi - In Your Head (Zippy Remix) MP3 and don't forget to share it with your friends!

Mohombi - In Your Head (Zippy Remix) MP3 is not only a great song to listen to, but also to dance to. The song has a catchy chorus and a fast-paced rhythm that will make you want to move your body. You can learn some of Mohombi's signature moves by watching his official video for the song, which features him dancing in various locations around the world.

The song also has a deeper meaning behind its lyrics. Mohombi said that he chose to cover "Zombie" because he wanted to pay tribute to his African heritage and raise awareness about the conflicts and violence that still affect many parts of the continent. He said that he wanted to use his music as a tool for peace and unity.

If you like Mohombi - In Your Head (Zippy Remix) MP3, you might also enjoy some of his other songs, such as "Bumpy Ride", "Dirty Situation", "I Need Your Love" or "Habibi Love". You can find more of his music on his official website, Facebook page, Twitter account or Instagram profile. You can also follow him on TikTok or Snapchat for more fun and exclusive content.

Zombie is one of the most iconic songs of the 90s, written and performed by the Irish rock band The Cranberries. The song was inspired by the 1993 IRA bombing in Warrington, England, which killed two children and injured dozens of others. The song expresses the anger and frustration of the band towards the violence and political turmoil in Northern Ireland.

The song has been covered by many artists over the years, such as Miley Cyrus, Bad Wolves, The Pretty Reckless and more. Each cover has its own style and interpretation of the original song. Some of them have also dedicated their versions to Dolores O'Riordan, the lead singer of The Cranberries, who passed away in 2018.

Mohombi - In Your Head (Zippy Remix) MP3 is one of the most unique and creative covers of Zombie, as it transforms the song into a dancehall anthem that celebrates life and diversity. The song is a testament to Mohombi's talent and versatility as an artist, as well as his respect and admiration for The Cranberries and their music. c481cea774


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