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Elfbot Ng 4.5 9 Final Crack By Evolutionary

Boa noite, estou tentando baixar o evolution já faz um tempo e sempre quando baixo e vou abri-lo para começar a crackear o elfbot, abre o uma pg do word com vários conteúdos, alguém sabe me informar o porque disso ? Desde já grato.

elfbot ng 4.5 9 final crack by evolutionary

FIRST THING YOU NEED TO DO IS UNINSTALL YOUR ANTI VIRUS. WHEN YOUR DONT GETTING ELFBOT YOU CAN REDOWNLOAD IT!First you need to follow these picturesOnce you have done that you need to go to and download version 8.60after that you need to go to this website and download both of the files -elfbot-ng-para-tibia-860-setup.htmlAfter you have installed Elfbot and unziped the crack and opened it look for this and click the folder next to itclick computer,local disk C:, program files x86 and look for the tibia folder. Once youve done that click thisYou should see thisNow look for this and click the little folder next to it and do the same thing you did to look for the tibia folder exept look for the Elfbot folder and open it. Once you have click thisOnce youve done that you should see this.Click Crack it and your done! Now you have Elfbot NG for Free! Last edited by Potatowedge; 14th Sep 2014 at 13:34:45. 076b4e4f54


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