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Silas Carter
Silas Carter

The Best Way to Download the Alchemy of Souls OST Part 7 and Experience the Emotions of the Story

It says \The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.\ while halfway through the installation. I have downloaded everything without problems. I managed to extract all the parts without errors. So why does it say this?

For some reason download parts 6, 8, and 14 through 16 arent working, is there any reason why? All i get is a pop-up window asking to open, save, or save as, and all options say that the file isnt available.

download ost alchemy of souls part 7

which file do i extract? i downloaded the 22 part one. What i did was extract the first part, then try to mount it with daemon tool lite, but the message came up file not accessible. What am i doing wrong?

can some1 help me whenever i try to install the game the install shield comes up makes it a little ways and then freezes my computer im in japanese locale have all the parts downloaded and ireally would like to play this game anyone have any ideas it be appreciated


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