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in an earlier scene, when they were negotiating, dalbir reveals her love for him. she had gone to him and said, "why are you doing this i love you and i want you to come back with me, no matter what. we dont have much time left. to be honest with you, i want to say that i love you very much and i am with you only." the camera lingers on her face with a shot of her eyes. it seems as though the eyes are speaking volumes. is she actually telling him that she will do anything to bring him back with her, she asks. then she tells him that she is not an idiot. through a series of positions and even as she sweats, he responds to each query and finally says, "i am going on a vacation with my friends". she asks him, "so is that what you wanted to say" she seems to have taken it to be a form of play on words, when instead, it seems, he has been given a rhyme in hindi, the most popular language in india: "chhori, mujhe tujhe is mein jhoot, chhori, mujhe tujhe ek raat mein."

in the end, of course, he finally comes back to her. what was almost an outstanding idea for a movie becomes just one of many such events in the life of this couple. spontaneously, he says, "this is what i wanted to say to you.

the matter was deferred by the supreme court of pakistan in 2014 on an oral motion on a petition moved by the sarabjit's lawyers. the matter came up before the supreme court on 15 june 2016. justice asif saeed khosa, the chief justice of pakistan, heard the main arguments on behalf of the petitioners seeking mercy for the convict.

justice khosa said the supreme court has not received any new development over the case and if the court decided to proceed with the hanging of the convict, it would be disposed of on the same date as the hearing concluded. 3d9ccd7d82


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