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Ethan Walker
Ethan Walker

Gumroad €? Hard Surface Detail Alpha Pack High Quality

This pack of detail alphas is what I used on the NOVA-17 project.Included are 150 Hard Surface Details that come in the form of normal maps and height maps. This pack can be used with Substance Painter, 3ds Max, Maya, Zbrush, Keyshot and any other 3d packages that support normal and height map textures.In addition with this pack are 2 bonus Items:-NOVA-17 bust Substance Painter file with the associated normal & ambient occlusion maps.-10 Substance Painter Materials that I created in Substance Designer to texture NOVA-17To see more:

Gumroad – Hard Surface Detail Alpha Pack

More than 350 Hardsurface alpha textures in this set. A lot of time and effort went into this project, taking more than 150 hours to complete! Inspired by iconic designs, created for the people that want to speed up their hardsurface object creation process and improve/enhance the final result.

These alpha were created to block out in a few seconds some hard surface objects in ZBrush. Starting from a very simple mesh, the use of these alphas allows you to quickly produce a base form from which to start.

Alpha textures are the fastest way to add details to a model. They are used a lot for hard surface sculpting. You can find a lot of free alphas and buy big packs of them on Gumroad and Artstation. Usually they are sold as Zbrush alphas, but really they are software agnostic and will work just as well in Blender. 350c69d7ab


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