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Sneak Thief Torrent Download


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Welcome to thief simulator a sneak robbery games where you can play as a sneak thief or a burglar or you can just be a thief simulator in a city full of rich people. The city in bank robbery games is loaded with grand loot of valuables & wealth. In this bank robber games play as a sneaky thief & loot the most secure places in the city. The central bank has a lot more cash then your expectations so act up like a pro bank robber to steal the cash in the atms machines. So what are you waiting for Get in to the amazing storyline of sneaky games or thieves games, & better start looting the houses of the rich people like a professional bank robber or a sneak thief simulator you are. But beware of the police departments because nobody wants to get caught red handed while doing a criminal robbery. Steal the luxurious cars from the parking lot, & sell them for extra cash. Rob rich people house & earn cash to buy tools for the heist in this sneak thief games. Now grab your golden ticket to sneak into the rich people's houses like a pro burglar & take whatever you want.You might have been searching for the best of thief simulator or sneak robbery games, & if you never came across one than hold on a sec and download this best of sneaky games or thief robbery games. Which offers you a lot more than just stealing the houses with the regular old fashioned way. After performing the burglary go to the pawn shop and sell those items in exchange for cash & buy more tools to rob some more. Get your hands on the latest tools and start looting luxurious cars from the secure parking plazas in the city. Sell those cars at the pawn shop to buy the Atm hacking devices to crack open the Atm machines located in the city.You can also loot houses and steal valuable items within the given time or the police will get you in this robbery simulator games. You can crack the safest locks by using lockpicks or just use the crowbar to break into the house and loot the valuable stuff in the house and get out before anybody gets you in the exciting levels of the thief robbery games. Act like a pro burglar who can sneak & break into the most secure place and loot almost everything.Features of Sneak Thief Simulator Heist: Thief Robbery Games-Newly designed city environment with central bank & atm everywhere in this thief simulator.-Multiple challenging & robbery interactive levels never seen in many other robbery games.-Multiple houses, atm, banks, parking lots to rob in this thief game or sneaky games.-Buy criminal robbery weapons, atm hacking devices & crowbar in the advance levels of thief robbery.-Sell the looted items to earn more cash in this bank robber games.-Crack the highly secured security systems in this thief games.

Garrett mission is to avoid killing guards and steal or sneak the money with his fellows. The game includes plenty of sly and furtive tactics to trap the guards and got the money. If you like action game then download and install crysis warhead PC game

The player is an agile thief in a hostile world. He has to use his equipment and the environment to avoid guards, traps, creatures or other threats. His equipment includes a blackjack, water arrows, holy water, flashbombs, mines, and more. Since the player has only a limited fighting capability, he is supposed to sneak and hide in dark, mostly avoiding combat. The plot and mission goals are set by the author of the fan mission or campaign.[2][3] 59ce067264


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