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Dinosaur Bodyweight Training Pdf Download

Dinosaur Bodyweight Training: How to Build Strength and Muscle Without Weights

If you are looking for a way to get stronger and more muscular without lifting weights, you might be interested in Dinosaur Bodyweight Training. This is a training system developed by Brooks Kubik, a strength coach and author of several books on old-school physical culture. Dinosaur Bodyweight Training is based on the principles of progressive resistance, functional movement, and hard work. It uses a variety of bodyweight exercises that challenge your muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments in different ways. You can do these exercises anywhere, anytime, with minimal equipment. You can also customize your routine according to your goals, preferences, and fitness level.

Dinosaur Bodyweight Training Pdf Download


In this article, we will explain what Dinosaur Bodyweight Training is, how it works, and what benefits it can offer you. We will also give you some examples of exercises and routines that you can try. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of how to train like a dinosaur and unleash your inner beast.

What is Dinosaur Bodyweight Training?

Dinosaur Bodyweight Training is a term coined by Brooks Kubik to describe his approach to bodyweight training. He named it after his popular book series, Dinosaur Training, which focuses on strength training with heavy weights and basic exercises. Kubik is a fan of old-time strongmen and bodybuilders who used simple but effective methods to build incredible physiques and feats of strength. He believes that modern fitness trends have made people weak, soft, and dependent on machines and gadgets. He advocates a return to the basics of physical culture, using natural movements and progressive overload to stimulate the body's adaptive response.

Dinosaur Bodyweight Training is not a specific program or routine, but rather a philosophy and a set of principles that guide your training. Kubik does not prescribe a fixed number of sets, reps, or exercises for each workout. Instead, he encourages you to experiment and find what works best for you. He also emphasizes the importance of listening to your body, adjusting your intensity and volume according to your recovery and performance, and avoiding overtraining and injury.

Some of the main principles of Dinosaur Bodyweight Training are:

  • Use compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups and joints at once.

  • Vary your exercises and angles to hit your muscles from different directions and prevent boredom and plateaus.

  • Use progressive resistance to increase the difficulty of your exercises as you get stronger. This can be done by adding reps, sets, time under tension, range of motion, speed, pauses, holds, or external resistance (such as bands or vests).

  • Focus on quality over quantity. Perform each rep with perfect form and full control. Avoid cheating or using momentum.

  • Train hard but smart. Push yourself to the limit but don't go beyond it. Rest when you need to and don't overdo it.

  • Be consistent and patient. Results won't come overnight but they will come if you stick to your plan and work hard.

What are the benefits of Dinosaur Bodyweight Training?

Dinosaur Bodyweight Training can offer you many benefits for your health, fitness, and appearance. Some of them are:

  • Strength: You will develop functional strength that transfers to everyday activities and sports. You will also improve your joint stability and mobility.

  • Muscle: You will build lean muscle mass that enhances your metabolism and body composition. You will also sculpt your physique with natural proportions and symmetry.

  • Endurance: You will increase your cardiovascular endurance and stamina by performing high-rep sets or circuits with short rest periods.

  • Flexibility: You will improve your range of motion and prevent stiffness and injury by stretching your muscles in various positions.

  • Balance: You will enhance your balance and coordination by challenging your core stability and proprioception.

  • Confidence: You will boost your self-esteem and confidence by achieving your goals and overcoming challenges.

What are some examples of Dinosaur Bodyweight Exercises?

There are hundreds of bodyweight exercises that you can choose from for your Dinosaur Bodyweight Training. Here are some examples of basic exercises that you can start with:

Push-ups: One of the most classic bodyweight exercises that works c481cea774


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