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[S4E19] Reunion Part 2

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[S4E19] Reunion Part 2

In the subplot, Homer and Marge attend their "Class of 1974" high school reunion, where they have a great time and Homer wins a variety of humorous awards. However, Principal Dondelinger interrupts the ceremony to announce that Homer technically never graduated from high school due to failing a remedial science course and revokes all of Homer's awards. Determined to win back the accolades, Homer retakes the course and passes the final exam, finally graduating.

Besides copying the Simpsons credits, the Itchy & Scratchy credits also parody the sequence seen at the end of the credits of many TV shows produced by Stephen J. Cannell, where Cannell sits at the typewriter in his office and throws a sheet of paper into the air, with it forming of part of his production company's logo.[11] In the episode, Itchy and Scratchy are seen at a desk; Scratchy pulls a sheet from his typewriter and throws it into the air, where it forms an "I & S Productions" logo. Mike Reiss later met Cannell, who was so pleased with the homage that he hugged Reiss.[6] The title of the episode is a reference to The Front, a 1976 film about writers fronting for blacklisted writers in the 1950s. The Simpsons writers considered trying to make the episode plot resemble that of the film, but in the end decided against it.[11]

On April 1, 2013, Meghan McCarthy wrote as part of an April Fools' Day joke that the twentieth episode of the fourth season would be titled "For Whom The Sweetie Bell[sic] Tolls[sic]".[3]

Luna sympathizes with Sweetie Belle for being overshadowed by an older sister. She takes the filly into a flashback of her fifth birthday party. Sweetie Belle recalls that Rarity ended up stealing the spotlight from her in spite of her best efforts to make a grand entrance. Luna explains that Sweetie Belle does not know the whole story and shows her the flashback from Rarity's point of view: the foals at Sweetie Belle's party were getting tired of waiting for her, and Rarity tried to salvage the party for Sweetie Belle's sake.

Rarity and Sweetie Belle return to Sapphire Shores, who tries on the completed headdress. She's only mildly impressed with it until she notices the dolphin-shaped stitching on the centerpiece. Sapphire states the dolphin is her lucky animal and they swim with her in her dreams. Rarity asks Sweetie Belle where she came up with the idea. Sweetie Belle looks to Princess Luna by the door and says it came to her in a dream.Sweetie Belle apologizes to Rarity for getting upset about the dresses, and Rarity apologizes for missing the play. She wonders about catching an encore performance, but Sweetie Belle admits her play was not that good and that "the costumes were the best part," as Rarity hugs her.

The ladies wrap up their time in the Big Easy with some enlightening and frightening experiences, but unresolved issues still fester between Ashley and Candiace. Gizelle throws an 80th birthday party for her father and an old flame makes a special appearance. Tired of being singled out, Karen unleashes her fury on Gizelle and leaves everyone speechless.

Monique has a breathtaking underwater photo shoot to commemorate her pregnancy, while Karen shows off her sexy dance moves with Ray. Candiace hosts a dinner party where revelations about Michael's alleged secrets are brought center stage. Ashley and Candiace get in a heated argument, causing a serious meltdown.

With the help of singer Macy Gray, Karen and her daughter Rayvin record a tribute to her parents. Meanwhile, Robyn plans a haunted house party for Juan's birthday, where an unexpected guest makes a surprise appearance. The charges against Michael are dropped, but Katie reveals new information about Michael, leaving more unanswered questions regarding the Darbys' marriage.

The husbands take center stage for the dramatic conclusion to the Season 4 three-part reunion. The couples reveal their secrets in the bedroom, but the fun and games end there when the topic shifts to the charges against Michael. The women reveal secrets about Michael from seasons past. Chris Bassett and Ray chime in with new information that steers the conversation onto an unexpected course.

Keller discovers the mystery of the two Becketts. She reports her findings to Carter. His telomeres, which are a part of a Human's chromosome, which gradually shortens by the time the cell divides, has shrunk 30% more than they should for a man of Beckett's age. This means that Beckett's original cells have started to degenerate when they were removed from the original Beckett, meaning the one they encounter is a clone. They tell the findings to Beckett, who also doesn't take that news well, since he discovers that he came "out of a test tube".

In Michael's facility, Teyla tries to talk with Kanaan to reach to him, but is unsuccessful, when he leaves. The next morning, Michael's worshippers enters the Athosian room, and takes Teyla away. They take her to a table and restrain her. She notices several chambers where several people are undergoing the process of converting to Hybrids. There, Kanaan guards her again. Teyla again attempts to reach out to him, and tells her that she will take all her people, and him out of the facility and into safety. Teyla successfully reaches out to him, as he now recognizes her. After an emotional reunion, Kanaan tries to break her out. However, just as he continues, he stops, because Michael has entered the room. He excuses Kanaan, and starts to experiment on her. Teyla begs him not to harm her baby, which Michael says he wouldn't dream of doing. Since the baby has the gift, like Kanaan and Teyla, but stronger. With the baby, he can perfect the Hybrids.

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Meanwhile, Homer and Marge are invited to their "Class of 1974" high school reunion. They have a great time, with Homer winning numerous awards (all of them of a dubious or negative nature). However, the school principal, Mr. Dondelinger, reveals Homer never graduated because he failed a science class. Dondelinger revokes Homer's awards, embarrassing Homer in front of the class reunion. A determined Homer tells Marge he will take the science class, which pleases Marge, only to give her annoyed grunt when Homer's motivation is not to finish what he started or earn a diploma, but to get joke awards reinstated. Homer later takes the final exam and passes, finally graduating. 041b061a72


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