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Solah Satra - Wikipedia

Solah Satra Free Download Movie: How to Watch This Classic Bollywood Romance Online

If you are a fan of Bollywood movies, you might have heard of Solah Satra, a 1990 romantic film directed by Munna Rizvi and starring Ekta Sohini and Arbaaz Ali Khan. This movie is a cult classic that has won the hearts of many viewers with its engaging story, melodious music, and memorable performances. But how can you watch this movie online for free? Is it legal and safe to download it from the internet? What are the best streaming services that offer this movie? In this article, we will answer all these questions and more. Read on to find out how to enjoy this movie without spending a dime.

Solah Satra free download movie

What is Solah Satra and why should you watch it?

Solah Satra is a Hindi word that means "sixteen seventeen". It refers to the age of the protagonists, Neha and Vicky, who fall in love at first sight. However, their romance is not smooth sailing, as they face many obstacles from their families, society, and fate. Will they overcome all the challenges and live happily ever after? You will have to watch the movie to find out.

The plot and the cast of Solah Satra

The movie begins with Neha (Ekta Sohini), a young girl who lives with her widowed mother (Asha Lata) and her brother (Yunus Parvez). She is a bright student who dreams of becoming a doctor. One day, she meets Vicky (Arbaaz Ali Khan), a rich and handsome boy who is also a college student. He falls in love with her instantly and tries to woo her with his charm and generosity. Neha is initially reluctant, but soon reciprocates his feelings.

However, their love story faces many hurdles. Neha's mother is opposed to their relationship, as she thinks Vicky is not serious about her daughter. She wants Neha to marry Vishal (Ashwin Verma), an inspector who is also her brother's friend. Vishal is also in love with Neha, but she rejects him politely. Vicky's father, Kedar Nath (Kulbhushan Kharbanda), is a ruthless businessman who wants his son to marry Rosie (Sushmita Mukherjee), the daughter of his partner. Rosie is also obsessed with Vicky, but he dislikes her.

Neha and Vicky decide to elope, but their plan is foiled by Vishal, who arrests Vicky on false charges of kidnapping Neha. Neha's mother forces her to marry Vishal, while Vicky's father disowns him. However, Neha and Vicky do not give up on their love. They escape from their respective homes and reunite. They face many dangers and difficulties on their way, but they manage to overcome them with their courage and faith. They finally reach a temple, where they get married in front of God.

The movie ends with a happy note, as Neha's mother realizes her mistake and accepts Vicky as her son-in-law. Vicky's father also regrets his actions and reconciles with his son. Vishal and Rosie also realize that they cannot force their love on anyone and let go of their obsession. Neha and Vicky hug each other and smile. b70169992d


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