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Steven Baker
Steven Baker is not boring or not very common. While many websites share a similar design, this website is quite unique. However, it is not easy to understand for customers. There are many ways to make the website more user-friendly and enjoyable for them. While there are many things that can be done to improve it, I like the fact that this design is different from others.

This webpage on prices is very useful. This feature is appreciated by many customers who have read reviews. This page is my favorite. I feel that the prices are higher than normal for this company, as it isn't as well-known as PapersOwl or Pepperell. This price calculator is still very useful.

The online support is slow and lame for me. Manager does not want customers to be supported and to work. They don't respond quickly and do not attempt to resolve my problems. I was sometimes angry at the indecisiveness of people.

Because writers are lazy, they don't even try to answer or help you. It is disappointing when they start working on an assignment but don't want to talk to you or listen to what your needs are. It is not a scam, but I cannot deny it. However, none of the authors refused to edit my paper. During the WritersPerHour Review, I discovered that it is illegal to promise unlimited editing. It will never happen.


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