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Backtrack Hacking Video Tutorials

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Kali Linux has many other unique features, which makes this Operating System the primary choice by Security Engineers and Hackers alike. Unfortunately, covering them all is not possible within this Kali Linux hacking tutorials; however, you should feel free to explore the different buttons displayed on the desktop.

Intro and leaving Louisville with Brian. Morgellon talks about hacking the Arduino micro controller platform. Sorteal talks about the LiVes Open Source video editor. AT&T Batman building by night. Mojo-JoJo soldering some stuff for the shooting range. The patron gods of hackerdom. Registration. Con swag overview. Morgellon gets his discreet logic on. AK-47 building with HandGrip and Buttstock. Froggy talks up Notacon, which I plan to go to next year. Skydog explains the Jware chair toss event, and then we compete. Rootwars hacker wargames. I askInt80 about using his nerdcore music in some of my videos. NotLarry explains rootwars. Some iPhone hacking withLee Baird and John Skinner. I do a little Bluecaseing/Warnibbling with the Bluetooth on my Nokia n810. John, Lee, Brian and I go to the German restaurant. I blind DOSman with the light from my camera and check out what folks are doing with theArduinos Droops brought for folks to play with. I check back in on R00tW4rz. I blind Droops. I talk Ettercap filters withoperat0r. USB door key fun with theArduino. More breadboard fun. Nokia n810 + Ettercap Filter + Lemon-part = win. Int80 gets down with his own bad self, and the rest of Phreaknic. I find an energy drink with protein. Folks play with the hardware keyloggers I brought, and we have some epic fail with the IBM Model M + USB adapter + Mac OS 10.5.Winn Schwartau joins in on the keylogger fun. DOSman and Zack use a directional antenna from the 9th floor to search downtown Nashville for WiFi access points. Zoom in on Al. John and Lee eat jerky.Daren and Shannon from Hak5 blind me this time. :) Then they do a quick interview. I interviewTRiP about the legalities of wardriving, sniffing and leaving your access point open so you have plausible deniability of copyright infringement (most likely it won't hold water in court if you are a computer geek). I give Hak5 Daren beef jerky.Ziplock had more con badges than God. I meet up with Iridium. I talk with Nightcarnage about the audio/video setup at Phreaknic. As I predicted, thePotters won the WiFi Race. I say why this was the best Phreaknic ever. Using green lasers on crack dealers. Techno in the dark, the Aiptek action HD does not do well in low light. Nicodemius shows off his Minority Report like multi-touch table. Hula hoop contest. I check back in with Jeff Cotton and his USB keyed door. I strap on my gear to leave the con. Brian and I do a wrap up of our thoughts on Phreaknic 2008. About 1:25:00Blip.tvn/a 10/29/2008 103 Using Cain to sniff RDP/Remote Desktop/Terminal Server traffic via "Man in the Middle" In this video I'll be showing how Cain can pull off a "Man in the Middle" attack against the Remote Desktop Protocol. While RDP versions 6.0 and later are less susceptible to these attacks because of the verification schemes added, there is still a risk since so many users just click yes to all warning messages. varSWF8.09MB 10/20/2008 102 BeEF: Browser Exploitation Framework XSS FunJohn Strand ofBlack Hills Security sent me another awesome video on using BeEF, cross site scripting and other fun. 6:58Vimeon/a 10/16/2008 101 Using Metasploit to create a reverse Meterpreter payload EXEby John StrandJohn Strand ofBlack Hills Security sent me an awesome video on using Metasploit to create an EXE with the Meterpreter payload that creates a reverse TCP connection outbound, blowing through many NAT boxes and firewalls. This goes great with a previous video I did onEXE Binders/Joiners. 6:26Vimeon/a 10/15/2008 100 Using Cain to do a "Man in the Middle" attack by ARP poisoningI'm creating this video for three reasons:1. While I've done a lot of videos on Cain, most of


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