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Inyong Bennett

Stellar Phoenix Sql Database Repair 60 240 ((NEW))

- Accomplished 12 QA evals; ensured tech's skills/tng prgm exceed PACAF stds--vital to JBER's $8.7M ILS - Aced missile dispatch trng; reduced trans time ISO 15 MAFs--expedited response to assets/cut downtime 25% - Achieved Network+ certification; met DoD 8570 program rqmts--knowledge aided in resolution of 568 tickets - Achieved TBMCS cert; utilized skillset to integrate real-time system feeds--100% data integrity/availability - Acquired 70 Barksdale thin client sys CPUs ; enabled no-cost SIPR expansion/repair--saved AFGSC $49K - Active network defense; disabled 190 user accounts/eliminated 60--hardened network against intruder attacks - Adept lead for CORI exercise; led 4 pers/contributed 48 man-hrs toward CAT/EOC support--C2 100% uptime - Advised civilian engineers during refresh; verified TO stds met--kept final denial syst project on schedule - Aided $37K thin client server/PC install; config'd sec settings/loaded OS--enabled 5 SFS mobile user access - Aided in 12 Oustanding Airmen ceremony; 213 registered attendees and 22 nominees--AMC/CC lauded event - Aided in 5 MUNS database restoration; pinpointed corrupt coding error--10 yrs munitions tracking data saved - Aided w/Remedy server recovery--saved 6.5 yrs troubleshooting history/150 man-hrs manual data re-entry - Air Force Ambassador; active member Base Honor Guard--trained and completed over 60 hours of service - Alt CP upgrade lead; config'd new $15K equip suite/expand'd net capacity 100%--supt'd B-52 contingency ops - Anchored 10 tech USAFE merge tm; redeployed 173 critical C2 assets--sync'd two COCOMs w/in 603d AOC - Anchored ntwk ransomware fortification; id'd/repaired 147 affected sys--guarded 133TB data/9K mbrs PII from theft - AOC course Honor Grad; vital to TBMCS trng/install--completed entire AOC beddown 8 mos ahead of sched! - Appointed as flt EC trainer; taught 2 Amn 40+ hrs on 71 duty position tasks--trainees certified w/ 95% QC avg - Appt'd to CAST tm; completed in-depth trng on casualty reprtng; pois'd for accurate/timely AFPC notifications - Assisted contractor in $1.1M fiber optic fence sensor set up--syst installed to AF specifications one mon early - Assisted CST with 47 VIP migrations; Cmdrs, Chiefs and staff at both base wings--100% success/zero rate - Assisted in resolving 17K network issues; achieved 90% resolution rate--superior cust svc to >16K personnel - Assisted reenlistments w/5 contracts including 4 SRBs; data 100% accurately updated--secured $15K in SRBs - Assisted w/2200 alarm point tests; finished 2 days early--readied $20M WSA security syst for certification - Assisted w/decomm of 55 core servers; shutdown/wiped/DRMO d--NCC power need reduced $7K annually - Assisted w/secure telephone sys outage; procured/installed new box set--restored vital SFS C2 communication - Assisted w/sq JWICS tech refresh; aided 4 man tm/reimaged 30 sys/$18K finalized $684K proj/met HHQ suspense - Attended 10-day network security class; obtained Security+ certification--compliant with DoD 8570 mandate - Attended 16 hours of Contractor Verification System training--allowed contractor access to government systems - Attended 40-hr class for 2G Wireless LAN; installed/troubleshot system--advanced to front of technical curve - Audited 24K classified codes in 17 units; achieved 100% accountability--completed AF tasker 2 weeks early - Audited 6K+ active NIPR user accts; coord'd deletion of 42 expired accts--disabled remote hacking capability - Authored 1100 log-on scripts; verified individual users network mappings--eliminated user migration impact - Authored first SIPR Alt Token solution; upgraded/config'd 80 thin clients--implemeted throughout AFGSC - Averted total network disaster; directed immediate response to thermal server shutdown--saved $12K C2 asset - Awarded DoD security certification; authorized network administrator--remediated AFNET vulnerabilities

Stellar Phoenix Sql Database Repair 60 240

- Decommissioned 55 core servers; removed/sanitized/reutilized $187K equip--$7600 annual power savings - Dedicated 500 man-hours to WSA project; augmented SF/escorted 15 civilians--maintained contract time lines - Dedicated member for AFGSC IG INSI of $20M WSA ESS--syst given "Ready" to secure nuclear enterprise - Deliver'd 15 wpn sys briefs; provided near real-time C2 data to 25 AF/480 ISRW...bolstered oversight on $3B DCGS - Deployed in support of OEF; superior tech/awarded 386 ECS Amn of-the-Week twice in 3 mos--promote now! - Designed tracker; validated mandatory DoD trng/admin acct reqs--fortified $22.5M enclave from net intrusion - Developed $15K Alt CAT secure/unsecure internet protocol solution--solidified base contingency operations - Developed acq milestone checklist; melded FAR rqmts/base agency coord--enhanced sq efficiency/kt accuracy - Developed COTS tracking sys for $2M of equipment; electronically track inventory--100% accountability - Developed NIPR/SIPR common client; bundled 10 pgm & 55 patches--cut computer build from 1 day to 30 min - Devised solution for new mount; created wall brackets for 3 WSA cameras--stellar ingenuity saved AF $6K - Devised thin client replacement plan; extended end of life by 5 yrs--75% reduced admin overhead/man-hours - Devoted NCO; authored/edited 10+ CFP Ops procedures/checklist--enabled trng/continuity for CFP personnel - Diagnosed TBMCS glitch; repaired $15K server & documented update--reanimated C2 sys for ldrs/trnd peers - Diligent monitor! Maintained 35 person controlled area access list--ensured security of $22.5M network core - Diligently closed 51 Remedy tickets; eradicated 8 work stoppages--critical to Minot's 24/7 nuclear alert msn - Directed CORI inject; organized mx control/IG udpates/restored secure comm--earned 5 CS "Excellent" rating - Directly supported AFAFRICA stand-up; 18 TSC events/13 msns/9 exercises--launched 17 AF to FOC in 1-yr - Disabled 190 user accnts, eliminated 60; removed unused exposure--hardened network against intruder attacks - Disabled 75 org boxes w/o proper certs; denied unauth network access--achieved compliance/HAF directive - Drove 5-person team; surveyed 35 mi buried sensor cables; done 4 mos early--$8.8M WSA project on track - Drove base network review; discovered 1.5GB vulnerable data/initiated reports--secured crit privacy act info - Drove devlpmnt of 261COS SIPR Sys Sec Plans; created 18 critical sys stds; annihilated TAG's secure comms goals- Drove immediate execution of 1st-ever thermal server shutdown during '11 ORI inject--lauded by AFGSC/IG - Drove ntwk trend analysis initiative; compil'd data/id'd risks...elim'd 1.7K Cat-1 threats/hardened Wg security posture - Drove TFI ops; teamed w/Cyber Ops/1/10 w/IO express access--reduc'd gp acct creation by 80%, mbr access

- Partook in AFNet data call; provided 30 IPs & critical hardware info for migration--Minot ready for upgrade - Perfect mx on core network equip; applied cable mgmt actions--99% syst reliability/availability for 6K users - Performed critical update on TBMCS svr; enabled database backup for replacement sys--saved 100 man-hours - Performed critical updates on 23 TBMCS pc's; mitigated software risks--ensured 100% network compliance - Personally resolved 957 network trouble tickets; answered 541 calls--reduced section ticket queues by 33% - Pilot'd email outage solution; educated 21 techs/authored procedures--restored 1.4K users/saved 9 man hrs/wk - Piloted $37K thin client server install; meticulously researched hardware setup--fortified MAFB network sec - Pinpointed base-wide SIPR mail outage; isolated root cause/implemented INOSC fix--back online - Pioneered backup procedures; enabled complete sys restore in 4 hrs vs 1 wk--process adopted by AF helpdesk - Planned and coordinated Risk Management Framework training--advanced 261COS and 147CBCS Cyber Sec msns- Planned two SAN upgrades; base leaders approval obtained--allowed 6K access to migrated shared resources - Poised two network professionals for success; secured mandated training & certification--DoD 8570 compliant - Positive mentor; used knowledge to expedite two members' proficiency tng--reduced qualification time 18 days - Prepared AFNet migration; skillfully categorized 10K+ database objects--guaranteed smooth move for MAFB - Prepped Communications Focal Point relocation; installed 12 secure sys--increased section productivity 35% - Preserved/validated net authentication; removed 10 dormant/invalid acct groups--secured Minot/DoD network - Primed wg's ntwk; performed wkly cyber vulnerability scans/slashed 360K attack points--defended $54M datacenter - Processed 1.5K classified packages; ensured 100% accountability/security of crypto assets--safeguarded comm. - Procured search/rescue codes; gave B-52 aircrews secure link to rescue aircraft in event of crash--lifesaver - Proj lead web svr upgrade; installed OS/sec certs--real-time road condition reporting/8.5K sq-mi missile field - Provided 99.8% network uptime rate--guaranteed comm/info svcs to 6,043 customers/2 strategic nuclear wgs - Provided access to deliberate crisis action sys; enabled CC mnpwr tracking--1K deployed mbrs accounted for - Provided critical assistance to tier 2 mx team; support and syst knowledge led to repair--returned syst to 100% - Provided critical C3 for DoE Safe Haven; tracked shipment/provided response--security lauded by DoE OST - Provided executive administrative support to 70 member DNSI IG team--earned LOA/coined by IG team Chief - Provided helpdesk spt for AOC C2 sys; maintained stellar 99% uptime--11.5K+ msns executed in Africa AOR - Provided IAO support for sq; validated/processed NIPR/SIPR account requests--facilitated network security - Provided impeccable C2 system support for 12 base nuclear and conventional exercises--99.9% up-time rate - Provided outstanding support for HIP roll back; eight syst reconfigured/rebooted--slammed door on hackers - Purchased $10K in communication resources; directly supported C4 ops--led 5 CS to a 99% equip uptime rate 350c69d7ab


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