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Ian Costin
Ian Costin

Stargate Universe Season 2 1080p Torrent

This is the complete second and final season of Stargate Universe. Created by special request, the video was sourced from several 1080p Web Download versions but mixed with audio from my DVD as there is no blu-ray for season two! Some of the episodes include a commentary track, featuring several of the actors.This is a replacement for my torrent from late 2017 - there was an error with episode 12. which as now been re-encoded. If you downloaded the earlier torrent, only S02E12 Twin Destinies, has changed. My season one HEVC of my blu-ray is available here.This is an h265 (HEVC) 10 bit LE 2 pass high quality 1080p of all 20 episodes of season two.I used x265 to create a VBR in 2 passes, at an average of 1400kbps and peak of 2800kbps.The audio is 5.1 AC3 at 384kbps. Finally, the English subtitles are included (soft coded).Enjoy, and please, please, continue to seed after you have downloaded.Video: 1920 x 1080p 23.976 fps h265 10 Bit LE Chroma 4:2:0 Bitrate 1400 Kbps average, max 2800 kbpsAudio: AC3 5.1 384kbpsSubtitles: Subrip SRT

Stargate Universe Season 2 1080p Torrent



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