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One of the bonus features on Dance with the Devil is a behind the scenes look at the making of the song. It is filmed by a Japanese artist named Hiro Hashizume who was on assignment to work in Japan with Akira Kurosawa's grandson. They later ended up recording the famous jazz instrumental Big Band March in the basement of Japanese studio. Hashizume uses some slide whistle and a little piano in the video, which makes it sound like an early jazz band in earlier days. This song is also played in the Battle Royale remake, though in a longer form.

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In the official trilogy of Dance with the Devil's, Immortal Technique brings the deadly duo of Papal Bull and Deep Throat. Deep Throat represents the militant side of the story, who do not dance with the devil. He teaches Immortal Technique that with an attitude like that, he can only get himself in trouble. Papal Bull is more more jovial and a party type guy, which is what Dante represents; dancing with the devil. He told him that if he acts like that, he will get hurt. In the end, Deep Throat represents the dark side of Immortal Technique.

Dante then proceeds to dance, offering The Devil a chance to take him to hell. He claims to be surprised that The Devil does not recognize him. Once awake he introduces himself as Francis York Morgan Moulton III, saying the first name is part of a lie and the second is his first name in accordance with his family practice. Dante then explains that he is not of this earth, but of the heavens. He is under a force called the Force, which is the force behind all of reality. His grandfather left this force in his body, of which he is the last guardian. He tells The Devil to invoke this force to help him and teaches him the seven deadly sins. When The Devil asks what he did to earn this right, Dante replies that he chose to be a hero and a god. This causes The Devil to invoke some powers, and the two duel.


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