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Timur Muravyov
Timur Muravyov

Cel Damage Overdrive

However what stopped us getting too excited about Cel Damage last year was its apparent inability to be more than a slapstick deathmatch. Smacking your opponents around isn't as satisfying as it should be, because of a mixture of weak sound effects and indistinct damage animation, and it strikes us that the developer missed an opportunity to have emphatic split-in-two meat cleaver incidents and other such cartoon gimmicks. Given the manual's insistence that toons never die and always come back for more, it seems a bit odd that the only real barometer for damage is a counter in the top left of the screen.

Cel Damage Overdrive

Confusing though the level design and general arrangement seems to be though, nothing is as frustrating as the combination of all-too-basic controls, unwieldy "comic" physics and an unhelpful camera. Instead of a targeting system or even a rear-view mirror, we get a very basic third person chase-cam which refuses to do anything but face forward - and let us assure you that 90 per cent of the attacks which damage you will come from out of sight. Some sort of handle on this was definitely needed. 041b061a72


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