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Defraggler V2.22 ((NEW))

How to Speed Up Your PC with Defraggler v2.22

Do you want to make your computer run faster and smoother? Do you want to optimize your hard drive and improve its performance? If you answered yes, then you need Defraggler v2.22, the ultimate tool for defragmenting your files and disks.

Defraggler v2.22

Defraggler v2.22 is a free software that allows you to defragment your entire hard drive or individual files and folders. Defragmentation is the process of rearranging the data on your disk so that it is stored in contiguous blocks, reducing the time it takes to access and write files. This can boost your computer speed, extend your disk life, and prevent errors and crashes.

What's New in Defraggler v2.22?

Defraggler v2.22 is the latest version of the software, released on 21 May 2018. It has some new features and improvements that make it even more efficient and user-friendly. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Fixed a bug that caused a scheduled defrag to fail silently

  • Improved SSD detection for newer SSD devices

  • Improved SSD detection for laptops

  • Added new Privacy menu

  • Added a warning when attempting to defrag SSDs

  • Added switch for forcing defragmentation of SSDs

  • Fixed text cutoff on the 'Defrag' button in Dutch

  • Fixed text bleeds in the installer for German and other languages

You can view the full version history on the official website.

How to Use Defraggler v2.22?

Using Defraggler v2.22 is very easy and intuitive. You can download it from the official website or from trusted sources like or Once you install it, you can launch it and select the drive or file you want to defragment. You can also choose from different options like Quick Defrag, Full Defrag, or Defrag Free Space. You can also schedule defrags to run automatically at a convenient time.

Defraggler v2.22 also has some advanced features that let you customize your defragmentation process. For example, you can exclude certain files or folders from defragmentation, move large files to the end of the drive, check your disk health, or view detailed statistics and reports.

What Are the Benefits of Defraggler v2.22?

Defraggler v2.22 is not just another defrag software. It has some unique benefits that make it stand out from the crowd. Here are some of them:

  • It can defrag individual files and folders, not just the whole drive. This gives you more control and flexibility over your defragmentation process.

  • It can move large or rarely used files to the end of the drive, leaving more space for the files you access frequently. This can improve your disk performance and speed up your system.

  • It can check your disk health and report any errors or bad sectors. This can help you prevent data loss and disk failure.

  • It can integrate with Windows Explorer, allowing you to defrag files or folders with a simple right-click.

  • It can run as a portable program, without installation. You can carry it on a USB drive and use it on any computer.

Defraggler v2.22 has received positive reviews from users and experts alike. It has been praised for its ease of use, speed, customization, and effectiveness. It has also been awarded by several reputable websites and magazines, such as PCWorld, CNET, Softpedia, and Lifehacker.

How to Download and Install Defraggler v2.22?

Downloading and installing Defraggler v2.22 is very easy and fast. You can follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the official website of Defraggler or one of the trusted sources like or

  • Click on the Download button and choose the version you want. You can download the standard installer, the slim installer (without toolbar), or the portable version (without installation).

  • Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions on the screen. You can customize your installation options, such as the language, the destination folder, and the shortcuts.

  • Click on Finish and launch Defraggler v2.22.

That's it! You are ready to use Defraggler v2.22 and enjoy its benefits. d282676c82


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