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Buy Computer Projector

Some video projectors include audio inputs and onboard speakers, but like speakers built into TVs, they are not great. It is best to connect your audio source to an external audio system (even a modest one) for a better viewing experience.

buy computer projector

Variants of LCD technology include LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon), JVC's D-ILA (Digital Imaging Light Amplification), and Sony's SXRD (Silicon Crystal Reflective Display). With LCOS/D-ILA and SXRD projectors, the light source reflects off the 3 LCD chips instead of passing through them.

Yes, providing you buy the right projector for the job. For example, a regular projector won't be good enough for gaming. A good gaming projector must offer a high resolution, fast refresh rate, and low input latency.

It depends. When deciding between a video projector or a TV, consider your specific needs for the device. TVs are best for everyday use. Projectors are best for special occasions and niche applications.

Epson's interactive projectors make a table or almost any wall interactive. The projector and pen combination give you interactive functionality in one package without the constraints or expense of a separate interactive whiteboard.

The projector position and the size of the image will depend upon the room configuration. Therefore, you will need to consider the throw distance and the projector features that will give you flexibility in placement.

Epson's monitor and control capability helps make projector maintenance convenient and easy. Benefits of using this feature include having remote access and management of Epson-networked projectors, saving you valuable time and money.

Reliability and the cost to operate your projector depend on one main factor: lamp maintenance. Look for a projector with a long lamp life; at least 3,000 hours is preferred, and about 5,000 hours is typical.

In order to create a large image most projectors need to be positioned far from the screen. This distance is called the throw distance, and can be anywhere from 8 to 15 feet, depending on the projector and desired image size. Short-throw projectors are convenient for small rooms or other situations where space is limited. The BenQ HT2150ST can sit much closer to the screen than a standard projector, and is bright enough to use in a room with some ambient light.

If you want to get your projector up and out of the way, you need a mount. The Peerless-AV PRGS-UNV Projector Mount is one of our favorites due to its flexibility and how easy it is to set up correctly. The mounting arms are highly adjustable and removable, so it can handle anything from a tiny DLP projector to the gigantic JVC D-ILA projectors that most mounts cannot fit. The dials let you easily make small adjustments to the projector to get it level with the screen and produce the best-quality image without much work. After years of using this mount and going through dozens of tested projectors, we have yet to find one that the Peerless-AV cannot handle.

As projectors have become more widely used, they've also become more specialized. A model intended for showing business presentations in rooms with bright lighting, for example, needs higher brightness than one designed for watching movies in a dark room, but it doesn't need the same level of contrast or color accuracy. In this guide, we'll first cover our favorite picks, chosen from models we've tested, for a variety of needs. We'll also explain why we picked each one for that specific use. Then, we'll take you through the factors you should consider when shopping for a projector to help ensure you find the best match for whatever you plan to use it for.

The Epson Pro Cinema LS12000 is pricey, but it's actually a near-bargain for the image quality it delivers. Epson is known for pixel-shifting LCD projectors whose images, thanks to lens quality and video processing, are virtually indistinguishable from a true 4K UHD picture while using only half as many pixels on screen. The LS12000 keeps the same emphasis on top-quality lenses and processing while boosting the pixel count to a full 3,840 by 2,160. The result is more detail than we've seen from any pixel-shifting 4K DLP projector.

The LS12000 will tantalize serious videophiles who plan to put it in a home theater with dark walls, ceiling, and seating to minimize reflections back to the screen. However, the image quality is good enough that even less-demanding viewers will notice, making it a good home theater projector for anyone. It's also bright enough to serve in a family room, particularly if you plan to watch movies with all the lights off at least occasionally. It doesn't support 3D, however, so if 3D movies are your thing, you'll need to look elsewhere.

All colors and no lag make a brilliant 4K projector: That's the Optoma UHD55 in a nutshell. Designed for both gaming and home entertainment, the Optoma UHD55 offers 4K resolution (3,840 by 2,160 pixels, via DLP technology and TI's fast-switch pixel shifting), superb color output, and the short input lag that gamers demand. It delivers a faster response at 4K than most projectors can manage, putting it within the range that a serious gamer would consider acceptable. Even better, the lag dropped by roughly half, to 8.6ms, for 1080p/120Hz input.

Available with or without a bundled ALR screen, the Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS500 can give you what amounts to a 4K, giant-screen smart TV ranging from 100 to 130 inches (depending on the screen size) for far less than a flat-screen TV of that size. It's pricier than most competing DLP-based UST projectors, but it also offers more, starting with the highest brightness by far of any laser TV projector we've tested.

The LS500's high brightness makes it the clear choice if you want a 130-inch screen, particularly if you plan to watch in a family room with lots of sunlight streaming through the windows. The three-chip design also makes it the obvious choice if you, or anyone in your family, sees rainbow artifacts easily and finds them annoying. Beyond that, it's a strong contender if you insist on top-tier image quality, or simply want to buy a projector bundled with an appropriate screen, and know that the default settings were chosen for that screen.

Billed as a smart laser TV and priced at what passes for entry level for its category, the Hisense 100L5G-Cine100A bundles a 100-inch ambient light rejection (ALR) screen with a projector (the LG5) that offers the best image quality we've seen in its price range. Hisense aims the LG5 at first-time buyers of ultra short throw (UST) projectors, and also sells it as the 120L5G-Cine120A, which comes with a 120-inch screen.

With either version of the bundle, the projector offers a fixed focus designed for the screen size, so positioning the projector to fill the screen automatically gives you optimum focus. Even better, there's no need to customize settings for the screen material, because the default settings are chosen with the bundled screen in mind. In our tests, the projector-plus-screen combo delivered good color accuracy, contrast, black level, and shadow detail straight out of the box. You don't have to be a first-time projector buyer to appreciate that.

Just about anyone who doesn't already own a UST ALR screen and is looking for a low-price UST laser model to serve as a big screen TV should at least consider the L5G. Keep in mind that any projector in this category should be paired with an ALR screen, so when you're comparing prices to models that aren't bundled with screens, add the screen cost in the comparison. When you do, you'll quickly see why the L5G counts as "entry level."

That said, note that it's built around a single DLP chip, which means it can exhibit rainbow artifacts. We didn't see many in our tests, but if you're particularly sensitive to them, be sure to buy the projector from a source that allows easy returns, even if you've already assembled the screen.

Sheer specs don't tell the whole story of the TH685P. This 1080p projector has almost identical specs to those of its BenQ predecessor, but the TH685P delivers an obviously better image with HDR input. That is a big thumbs-up in a gaming and home entertainment projector at this price. It also surprised us with its onboard audio quality; the sound from the internal 5-watt chamber speaker is quite usable and pumps out high enough volume to fill a large family room.

The Vankyo Leisure 495W Dolby Audio is far from the only home entertainment projector in strictly bargain-basement territory, but it's the best we've seen in that price range, at $299 list and selling on Vankyo's website for $179.99 at this writing. It delivers 1080p (1,920 by 1,080) native resolution along with more-than-acceptable color accuracy and contrast for casual viewing. And its design guarantees that it can't show rainbow artifacts.

The EpiqVision Mini EF12 offers a native 1080p resolution and pairs a 1,000-lumen laser-phosphor light source with a three-LCD chip design. In our tests, the 1,000 ANSI lumens was enough to light up an 80-inch screen with nicely saturated color in a family room at night even with lights on and also delivered a watchable image in daytime. The three chips, which project all three primary colors at once, guarantee that it can't produce rainbow artifacts. Two other important pluses are integrated Android TV and a 4.7-pound weight, which makes the EF12 surprisingly light for a laser projector.

Whether you're serious about gaming and want a native 1080p room-to-room portable gaming projector with the shortest possible input lag, or are a more casual gamer who doesn't demand a short lag, but would love to have it, the X1300i will give you that advantage, along with the multiple game modes. Whichever group you're in, you'll appreciate that the same button on the remote that switches game modes also switches to the best picture modes for movies or video. Even those who aren't interested in gaming may want to consider the X1300i it for its combination of image quality for movies and video plus its high brightness, which is helpful for 3D viewing or a backyard movie night. 041b061a72


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