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In addition, we've added an optional sortText attribute to the CompletionItem type. With this attribute, a debug adapter can control how the frontend UI sorts the completion proposals returned by the adapter. If the attribute is missing, the frontend may sort items based on the label attribute.


Descriptions: Presenting the ICRF Map. It is a standalone map. This map is based on Indonesia Country Road Fever. This is a realistic map of Indonesia. This map contains 3 cities of Indonesia connected by 1:1 narrow roads with full of beautiful road side view.working on ets2 1.38 without any errorSupported Version: 1.37 and 1.38

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is the second installment in the Paper Mario series. Released for the Nintendo GameCube in 2004, the game is an RPG as the first Paper Mario, featuring both turn-based battles and puzzle and platforming-focused challenges on the overworld as well as collaborating with a party of friendly characters that subsequently join on the quest, known as partners.

At the X-Naut base, TEC-XX asks Peach to go ask Grodus a question relating to his plans. The Princess goes undercover in an X-Naut disguise and learns that Grodus is plotting to use the Crystal Stars to take over the world. TEC allows her to send this message to Mario. Meanwhile, Bowser and Kammy are searching for one of the Crystal Stars in the Great Tree, where they discover that Mario already obtained it.

At the X-Naut base, TEC-XX asks the Princess to participate in a sort of "quiz show" with him. By doing this, she discovers what the "treasure" of the Thousand-Year Door really is: the soul of an ancient demon. The Princess then relays this information to Mario. Meanwhile, Bowser continues his quest for the Crystal Stars by flying to Glitzville in his Koopa Clown Car. However, it malfunctions halfway there, and he travels underwater to return to Rogueport. After he and Kammy return, he orders Kammy to continue her research on the Crystal Stars.

In the X-Naut base, TEC-XX wishes to gain access to a disk in Grodus's room, and asks Peach to help him. After making an invisibility potion, she helps him and he promises to analyze the data. Peach then sends another e-mail to Mario, informing him of this. Meanwhile, in Twilight Town, Bowser and Kammy Koopa run into Lord Crump. The three get into an argument, which escalates to an armed confrontation between the Koopa Troop and the X-Nauts. However, Bowser inadvertently ignites the Superbombomb, knocking out both armies.

Back at the X-Naut base, the X-Nauts tell Grodus that Mario has six of the seven Crystal Stars. They also tell him of TEC's betrayal. Meanwhile, TEC tells the Princess the data he gained from Grodus's data disk, and prepares to help Peach escape. Before he is able to, Grodus enters with two X-Nauts and orders them to initiate a data-wipe procedure of TEC's memory. TEC tells Peach "I love you" just before he is shut down.

While exploring the game's world, the player encounters black treasure chests, which give Mario special abilities to use in the overworld. All of these abilities are based on the paper element of the game's graphics.

Battles take place on a stage. In addition to the traditional turn-based combat, the characters on-stage interact with the scenery: sometimes the background falls, damaging all characters on stage and possibly making them dizzy, the audience helps Mario gain Star Power and also may throw items on stage or attack Mario and his partners, and lastly, some bosses even use the audience to their advantage. For example, Hooktail eats some of the audience to regain 10 HP, also causing all other audience members to flee, making it impossible to gain any Star Power. In addition, the battle shifts off-stage.

The Pit of 100 Trials is an optional challenge. Before or after saving the world, Mario can take on the enemies found in the 100-basement floor area known as the Pit of 100 Trials. The enemies located on levels 51-99 are especially strong. Upon reaching floor 100, Mario discovers Bonetail, the long-lost relative of Hooktail and Gloomtail. After defeating Bonetail, Mario receives the Return Postage Badge.

Interactive charts of births. The map of Italy is divided into provinces, colored differently based on the number of questionnaires. Selecting a single province provides information about the births in that area by month in a bar graph (top right). The bottom graph shows births across Italy by month and place of birth.

Abstract:Drought is a serious natural hazard with far-reaching impacts including soil damages, economic losses, and threatening the livelihood and health of local residents. The goal of the present work was to monitor the vegetation health across Lebanon in 2014 using remote sensing techniques. Landsat images datasets, with a spatial resolution of 30 m and from different platforms, were used to identify the VCI (Vegetation Condition Index) and TCI (Temperature Condition Index). The VCI was based on the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) datasets. The TCI used land surface temperature (LST) datasets. As a result, the VHI (Vegetation Health Index) was produced and classified into five categories: extreme, severe, moderate, mild, and no drought. The results show practically no extreme drought (0.27 km2) in the vegetated area in Lebanon during 2014. Moderate to severe drought mainly occurred in the north of Lebanon (i.e., the Amioun region and the plain of Akkar). The Tyr region and the Bekaa valley experienced a low level of drought (mild drought). This approach allows decision makers to monitor, investigate and resolve drought conditions more effectively.Keywords: drought; Landsat; Vegetation Health Index (VHI); change detection; global warming

Map Jowo is a map for the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 which consists of several cities in Java, Indonesia. This map is suitable for you who like the local atmosphere, especially Java and currently Jowo map has been updated with version 7.2 for ETS2 V1.36 to 1.38 game.

According to NJ Transit, annual ridership on the line dropped from 1.38 million in 2011 to less than 1 million in 2017. Ridership had also decreased by 4.1% on a year-to-date basis before service was suspended.

Create the script lookat.ts and drag it into the Node Properties Panel to synchronize the world perspective based on the location of the Player Node. Here is some example code:

Efforts are being made to enhance wastewater monitoring approaches. For example, work has been undertaken on overcoming a major source of uncertainty related to estimating the number of people present in a sewer catchment at the time of sample collection. This involved using data from mobile devices to better estimate the dynamic population size for wastewater-based epidemiology (Thomas et al., 2017).

Second, in addition to estimating illicit drug use, wastewater-based epidemiology has been successfully applied in recent years to providing detailed information on the use and misuse of alcohol (Boogaerts et al., 2016; Mastroianni et al., 2017; Rodríguez-Álvarez et al., 2015), tobacco (Senta et al., 2015; van Wel et al., 2016) and medicines in a specific population (Baz-Lomba et al., 2016, 2017; Been et al., 2015; Krizman-Matasic et al., 2018). Furthermore, wastewater analysis can potentially provide information on health and illness indicators within a community (Kasprzyk-Hordern et al., 2014; Thomaidis et al., 2016; Yang et al., 2015).

Third, the potential for wastewater-based epidemiology to be used as an outcome measurement tool, in particular in the evaluation of the effectiveness of interventions that target drug supply (e.g. law enforcement) or drug demand (e.g. public health campaigns) has not yet been fully explored. Close collaboration between the different stakeholders involved, including epidemiologists, wastewater experts and legal authorities, is highly recommended in order to start examining these potential wastewater-based epidemiology applications (EMCDDA, 2016). The WATCH project included a 30-day synthetic drug production monitoring campaign in three cities in Belgium and the Netherlands. High levels of MDMA were recorded during the whole monitoring period in one city in the Netherlands, suggesting continuous discharges of unconsumed MDMA from sources within the wastewater catchment area, indicating drug production was taking place in this region.

Back-calculation is the process whereby researchers calculate/estimate the consumption of illicit drugs in the population based on the amounts of the target drug residue entering the wastewater treatment plant.

Wastewater analysis is based on the fact that we excrete traces in our urine of almost everything we consume, including illicit drugs. The target drug residue is what remains in the wastewater after excretion and is used to quantify the consumption of illicit drugs in the population.

Enantiomeric profiling is an analytical chemistry technique used to determine if studied drugs in wastewater originate from consumption or direct disposal (eq. production waste). It is based on the fact that chiral molecules (if only one chiral centre is present) exist as two enantiomers (opposite forms) which are non-superimposable mirror images of each other. As the enantiomeric ratio will change after human metabolism, the enantiomeric fraction can be used to determine whether the studied drugs in wastewater originate from consumption.

In 2016 the SCORE group published ethical guidelines for wastewater-based epidemiology and related fields (Prichard et al., 2016). The objective of these guidelines is to outline the main potential ethical risks for wastewater research and to propose strategies to mitigate those risks. Mitigating risks means reducing the likelihood of negative events and/or minimising the consequences of negative events.

After being changed by the permanent IP change contract in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2022, SMG3 is given an near-entirely new redesign which is almost similar in appearance to SMG4's current design, which is heavily based on a cross between Luke Lerdwichagul and Stanley the Bugman from Donkey Kong 3; however, SMG3's new redesign still carries over elements from his original design, such as the darker blue colors and skull emblem. And just like how SMG4's redesign is somewhat based on Luke Lerdwichagul, SMG3's is more based on his voice actor James Bailey, evident that his redesign now has a beard. Also, his overalls are given a purplish hue similar to Waluigi. 041b061a72


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