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The effects of prostaglandins E2 (PGE2) and F2alpha (PGF2-alpha) on muscle strips from mature and immature rats and guinea-pigs and on rat blood pressure were investigated in the presence of atropine. The colon and stomach strips from immature rats were equally responsive to PGE 2 and PGF2alpha where mature colons were significantly more sensitive to PGF2ALPHA AND MATURE STOMACH STRIPS SIGNIFICANTLY MORE SENSITIVE TO PGE2. On the ileum from immature guinea-pigs the maximum responses to PGE2 and PGF2alpha were 16 and 8% of the histamine maximum respectively. The corresponding figures on the mature ileum were 86 and 75%. Whereas PGE2 was only twice as active as PGF2alpha on immature ilea, it was ten times more active than PGF2alpha on mature muscles. On blood pressure PGF2alpha and PGE2 were both hypotensive in immature rats whereas PGE2 was hypotensive and PGF2alpha hypertensive in mature rats. The results suggest that as the animal gets older, receptors for prostaglandins became increasingly differentiated.

mature strip

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When using market prices to fit the parameters of models for the price of bonds, the first step is to strip the market bonds of their coupons. The standard bootstrapping technique of stripping coupons can cause mispricing if there are no bonds that mature for some periods or if there are several bonds that mature at the same time. In this article we suggest a new linear programming formulation to strip out riskfree and risky zero coupon bond prices, which works whatever the current date, coupon dates, and sampling dates. The stripped U.S. Treasury bond prices match the observed U.S. STRIPS prices. We also discuss issues of liquidity, sampling periods, and implied default probabilities of corporate bonds

Trembling aspen regeneration was studied in 2 types of partial harvest systems designed to harvest mature aspen but pro- tect immature spruce and encourage natural aspen regeneration. Two partial harvest systems, where the residual aspen was either left in strips or was dispersed uniformly, were compared to traditional clearcuts. After the first and second year since harvest, aspen sucker density and growth was similar between the 2 partial harvests, but was much lower than in the clearcuts. However, in the partial cuts the regeneration density was very much dependent on the location relative to residual trees. The density of regeneration was inversely related to the basal area of residual aspen; however, sucker height was inversely related to the basal area of the residual spruce. Although there were adequate numbers of suckers after partial harvest, their viability and contribution to the long-term productivity of these mixedwood stands is not clear. 041b061a72


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