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Where To Buy Nordictrack

You may find online stores have cheaper prices. Or you may find that getting a treadmill is easier if you go one of your local NordicTrack retailers near where you live. Either way it is best to look around and weigh all your options.

where to buy nordictrack


As I mentioned earlier NordicTrack is based out of Utah, but if you order your treadmill you should know that the way it ships is going to be different for everyone depending on where you live. These treadmills ship to different shipping centers, then are delivered to your house or your local fitness equipment store. So, to answer your question it originally ships from Logan, Utah.

The company was moved to the Jonathan industrial park in Chaska, where it first rented and later built a number of buildings for manufacturing, mail and phone sales, and warehousing. The sales concept was mail-order.

The use of the new VHS video technology was pioneered as a way to show the new buyer during the 30-day trial period how to use this somewhat difficult machine unboxed at home. A NordicTrack ski machine takes the average person some time to learn; like a bicycle, it takes balance and coordination to operate. The advent of disposable VHS tapes helped to teach and prove to the new owner that this thing worked. This is why the ski machine has never sold well in stores; people were embarrassed to fumble in public, whereas at home with the video, they mastered it in short order. The 30-day returns dropped drastically after the video addition.[original research?]

The mirrored door is hinged on the right, but can also swivel so its surface faces the front or left. This means there doesn't necessarily have to be enough room to work out directly in front of the Vault, opening up your options regarding where you can place it. This is particularly helpful considering it's heavy enough that you won't be moving it around a lot. It's also a feature not found on the Vault's biggest competitors.

The lightest set of dumbbells weigh five pounds each, which already feels heavier than my weak, tissue-paper arms can manage for more than a minute. I can't envisage an imminent future where I could heft the Vault's 30-pound weights with ease, but perhaps NordicTrack believes in me more than I do myself.

NordicTrack doesn't draw attention to the Vault's camera in any of the promotional imagery on its website, so it was a surprise to see one so visibly displayed near the top of the equipment when it arrived. Set into the mirrored door's surface, the camera lens makes the Vault's front look even more like an oversized smartphone than it already did. It's always disconcerting to find a camera where one wasn't expected, but even more so when it's on expensive tech designed to assist you in private, unflattering moments.

On one hand, it's good to know there's no nosy NordicTrack technician shoveling down popcorn and judging your form somewhere. Between smart speakers and targeted advertising that always seems to know too much, privacy is already a significant concern in tech. One less functional camera lurking in your home may offer some measure of comfort.

For taller users and those seeking a longer stride, absolutely. The average elliptical offers a 20-inch stride whereas this model goes up to 32 inches. It also offers a 10% incline which, when combined with the stride, makes a tremendous combination.

NordicTrack has two commercial-grade ellipticals, the 14.9 and her sister, the 9.9. Both offer a total-body workout and extensive programming through the iFit app. This NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 elliptical review details where this machine shines and what you should know before buying it.

We ordered the NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 directly from the manufacturer. You can finance the elliptical at 0 percent APR for 36 months. We paid $99 for threshold delivery, and then we had to move the box to the room where we set it up. You can also opt for free shipping for a curbside delivery.

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